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Suzanne Meledeo


About Me

After dancing for 18 years and missing exercise
and movement while working for the United States Senate, I found Pilates and discovered a new love, passion, and career. I pursued my first comprehensive Pilates certification through Power Pilates while in D.C. and have been teaching Pilates ever since. My love of Pilates led me to become a Senior Master Instructor Teacher Trainer for Peak Pilates and Life Time Academy while constantly pursuing continuing education.  I am a National Certified Teacher and have studied with numerous continuing education programs and instructors to deepen my understanding of the body and the work. 


I am committed to walking with my students and instructors on their Pilates journey and empowering them to be their absolute best. I hope to instill in them a passion for their work and to help them progress through the Pilates system whether as a student or an instructor.

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 "I met Suzanne about 6 years ago when She took over the Pilates class that I was taking at a local gym. Suzanne was by far the best Pilates instructor that I have ever had. Her knowledge of all levels of Pilates combined with her extensive knowledge of anatomy made her a very highly skilled professional. 
I firmly believe that I would not be able to do any of the other exercise classes that I love if it were not for Suzanne. She has taught me so many techniques that I am able to apply to everything from cycling classes to weight lifting classes. Because of Suzanne and her love of Pilates, I know how to stay safe and do more to try and stay healthy.  Suzanne is great at what she does, and they always say do what you love and love what you do." 
- Jackie Davila 
"I started Pilates approximately 10 years ago with Suzanne. I had no prior experience with Pilates at the time and quickly fell in love with the program.
I have stayed with Suzanne since my first introduction because I have noticed major changes with my body. My core strength and flexibility greatly improved and my muscles have become leaner and stronger. However, the most important aspect for me is what it does for my back. I have scoliosis and had spinal surgery many years ago. Suzanne has helped me maintain flexibility and strength in my back, which is extremely important long-term for those with my condition. She will customize exercises to ensure clients are receiving the best benefit while maintaining safety. I believe she takes a genuine interest in the well-being of her clients and creates a place of camaraderie and fun. Furthermore, she keeps updated within her field of practice and is constantly taking classes to further improve her knowledge base within the area.
Of course, her clientele benefit from this knowledge
which keeps classes new and challenging!​​"
-Kristie Young
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Suzanne Meledeo

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